1. General Provisions

The organizer - is the administration of the GOMINE resource located on the Internet.
Participant - a user of the project, an individual who receives the services provided by the organizer, in particular the "MINEDOGE" project.

1.1 The organizer reserves the right to make changes and / or additions to the rules of the game, gameplay.

1.2 By registering, the participant agrees with the rules of the project and undertakes not to violate them.

2. The participant undertakes

2.1 Do not use profanity and words / phrases that do not correspond to the framework of "censorship" when communicating through the provided social networks of the project and the personal messaging system.

2.2 Timely report any errors and shortcomings in the operation of the site and the gameplay and not use them for personal purposes.

2.3 Do not register more than one account from one computer or IP address in the project. Users with multi-accounts will not be counted in contests and promotions.

2.4 Do not use communication tools to advertise any third-party resources.

2.5 Be responsible for any financial transactions in your account, even if they were not carried out by the participant himself.

2.6 Do not condemn the actions of other participants and the organizer of the site.

2.7 Do not use undocumented features (bugs) and errors of the game software and immediately inform the Organizer about them, as well as about the persons using these errors.

2.8 Do not use external programs of any kind to gain benefits in the project.

2.9 The participant is obliged to independently take care of the necessary computer security measures, keep it secret and not transfer his login and password to other persons, participants. The entire risk of adverse consequences of the disclosure of this data is borne by the participant himself.

3. The organizer undertakes

3.1 Ensure the maximum availability of the project on the Internet, report all planned tech. works.

3.2 Continuously provide the ability to withdraw earned funds without any restrictions, no later than three working days. In the event of force majeure related to payment systems, the organizer has the right to delay the payment for up to 2 week.

3.3 Observe the confidentiality regime with respect to the personal data of each project participant.

3.4 Provide timely technical support and assistance to project participants through a special section "Contact".

3.5 Constantly improve the project for the better, taking into account the opinions of the majority of the project participants.

3.6 Maintain and competently distribute the game reserve of the project to provide stable and regular payments to participants.

4. The organizer reserves the right to

4.1 Block or remove a participant from the game without returning the invested funds and compensating for the time spent in the event of gross violations of the project rules (multi-user accounts), or numerous complaints about this participant from other participants of the playground.

4.2 Block or remove participants which are not logged in from last 7 days, from the game without returning the invested funds and compensating for the time spent in the event.

5. Responsibility

5.1 The organizer does not guarantee constant and uninterrupted access to the playground and its services in the event of technical problems and / or unforeseen circumstances, including: defective work or non-functioning of Internet providers, information servers, banking and payment systems, as well as illegal actions third parties. The organizer will make every effort to prevent failures, but is not responsible for temporary technical failures and interruptions in work, regardless of the reasons for such failures.

5.2 The participant fully agrees that the organizer cannot be held liable for the participant's losses that arose in connection with illegal actions of third parties aimed at violating the security system of electronic equipment and game databases, or as a result of interruptions, suspension or termination of the channels beyond the control of the organizer, and communication networks used to interact with the participant, as well as illegal or unreasonable actions of payment systems, as well as third parties.

5.3 The organizer is not responsible for losses incurred as a result of the participant's use or non-use of information about the project, game rules and the project itself, and is not responsible for losses or other harm incurred by the participant in connection with his unqualified actions and ignorance of the game rules or his errors in calculations.

5.4 The organizer is not responsible to the participant for the actions of other participants.

6. Services provided

6.1 The organizer provides the participant with a playground for leisure and free time with the possibility of earning money, and in no way forces the participant to use these services.

6.2 The participant can contribute his own funds to achieve game progress.

6.3 For withdrawal users must have cash tokens, which can be obtained by depositing balance or from referral or from other activities on the site.

6.4 0.01DOGE withdrawal requirs 0.01 tokens.

6.4 On every deposit cash tokens will be add as per diven details
Depositer: 50% , Ref 1: 15% , Ref 2: 10% , Ref 3: 5%

6.5 The participant can order the payment of funds received as a result of his activities and achievements in the project.